Banquet & Conference Plan

Banquet & Conference Plans

We can accommodate up to 500 people, depending on the size and style of your meeting and/or event.


Banquet Plans

Welcome and Farewell Party Plan

    Available from ¥8,000 per person (including tax), this new style of meal reduces the number of service contacts and meal time compared to course meals and buffet style meals. Guests can enjoy the sumptuous cuisine and extensive selection of free drinks that only a hotel banquet hall can offer.

    Our banquet rooms can be used safely.


    Welcome and Farewell Party Plan

    From ¥8,000 per person

    Per person
    ¥8,000 (buffet meal)
    ¥9,000 (buffet/table meal)
    ¥10,000 (buffet/table meal)
    ¥12,000 (buffet meal, plated meal, Western dinner)

    Period: 2024.3.1 (Fri) - 2024.5.31 (Fri)

    ■ Free drinks (Compatible with all plans)
    ・Wine white & red
    ・Whiskey (highball)
    ・Shochu barley & potato
    ・orange juice ·oolong tea

    ・Plan includes food, drinks, venue usage fee, sound microphone, service charge, and tax.
    ・The usage time is 2 hours.
    ・Due to the special price, orders must be made for the number of guests.
    ・The number of applicants is 20 or more people for buffet meals, and 10 or more people for plated meals/formal dinners.
    (The final number of participants will be confirmed at noon two business days before the event date.)
    ・If you wish to extend your stay, you will be charged ¥700 (tax and service charge included) per person for every 30 minutes.
    ・Sound and lighting for various performances are optional.

    Party Plan

    • 10+ persons
    • 2 hours

    We offer a new style of dining that reduces the number of service contacts and meal time compared to a course meal or buffet style. Gorgeous hors d’oeuvres and hot dishes will make your party spectacular. The price is ¥8,000 per person (including tax and service charge) and includes a free drink.


    Party Package

    From¥8,000 per person
    • Selection of set menu, buffet, or course menu
    • All Packages including free-flow drinks: beer, whiskey (highball), shochu, red wine, white wine, Japanese sake, umeshu, soft drinks (orange juice, oolong tea, ginger ale, coke)
    • Additional cocktails from 700 yen (Cassis, Campari, Gin)
    • All Packages include room rental and basic sound and light fee with two wired microphones
    Number of people: minimum 10 people (minimum 20 people for buffet menu)

    Terms and conditions

    • Prices are inclusive of tax and service charge.
    • Rental time limited to two hours between 11:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.
    • Available from 10 guests (minimum of 20 guests for buffet menu)
    • Number of guests to be guaranteed by two days before the actual date.
    • Additional ¥700 per person will be charged for every 30 min extended.
    • Menu is a sample menu.

    Conference Plans

    Business Meeting Plan

    • 11 to 100 People
    • Maximum of 8 hours from 9:00 to 18:00

    ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka will listen to the content of any meeting or event and prepare a plan to achieve your objectives. The basic facilities, such as sound and lighting, and the attention to detail of the venue provide an environment that allows the organizers to realize their plans freely, ensuring the satisfaction of all participants.



    Full Day Plan

    ¥13,000 / ¥15,000



    Period: Maximum 8 hours from 9:00a.m. to 6:00p.m.
    Number of people: From 11 to 100 persons

    Venue Rental Fee

    • Lunch (banquet room or restaurant)
    • Mineral water
    • Candy
    • Two refreshments (including coffee and tea) in the morning and afternoon
    • Two microphones
    • Screen
    • Projector
    • White board
    • Flipchart
    • wifi
    • Conference Stationery (Description)

    Half Day Plan

    ¥7,000 / ¥7,500
    Period: Up to 4 hours within 9:00a.m.-6:00p.m.
    Number of people: From 11 to 100 persons

    Venue Rental Fee

    • Mineral water
    • Candy
    • One morning or afternoon refreshment (including coffee/tea)
    • Two microphones
    • Screen
    • Projector
    • White board
    • Flipchart
    • wifi
    • Conference stationery

    Room#703 Meeting Plan

    ¥50,000 for 2 hours

    Recommended for meetings of 10 people or less!

    Price: ¥50,000 for 2 hours
    (¥10,000 for additional one hour)

    Including tax and service charge.
    Water, coffee and sweets are also provided.

    Period: 2 hours from 9:00a.m. to 6:00p.m.
    Number of people: Max 10 persons

    Venue Rental Fee

    • Mineral water
    • Coffee and sweets

    Web Conference Plan

      You can freely combine banquet rooms, conference items, and more. Our professional staff will propose the best plan to meet your needs and support smooth web conferencing via a dedicated Internet connection.


      WEB Meeting Items

      • Dedicated internet connection (1GB-1,000MG)
      • Screen
      • Projector Sound line (transmission/reception)
      • Sound mixer (for small banquet rooms only)
      • Web camera
      Book room
      Book table